The Call of the Wild

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The Call of the Wild

 The call of the wild


 Whether you ride at your local mountain or travel across the globe to find new trails there is no getting away from the fact that mountainous country is rugged and wild.  For a place to garner enough snow for you to slide down a hill without hitting rocks and brush it has been the subject of storms.  Cold storms; sometimes violent in nature.  During the season this is what brings thousands of people to resorts all over; attracted to what sane people consider “BAD WEATHER” like a moth is attracted to the flame which kills it.

I am fortunate enough to live in an area where I can drive to and from many world class resorts in just one day.  That also means I have had many white knuckle rides on treacherous highways looking for powder laden slopes.

Ski traffic flying into Denver stacked in the air like sardines because the snow plows can’t keep the runway cleared of snow.  Ice packed highways, police clearing wrecked vehicles.  These things mean one thing to skiers and boarders – great conditions on the slopes.  The chance of the best days ever.

Several years ago I pulled into the parking lot at Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a day on the slopes.  The car next to me had a young couple in who had driven in from the Denver area.  Somewhere on the way they had lost control and spun on the road ending up on the backside of a hill facing sideways in the wrong lane.  The bad news was the next vehicle was a large truck which could not stop on the icy highway, T-Boning them.  The car had a shattered windshield, no back or side windows and was about 2/3 of the width it started off.  Both occupants miraculously had no injuries and somehow had limped the car the last 100 miles to Steamboat.  They jumped out (of the driver’s side), grabbed their snowboards, high fived and headed for the slope.  Even a near death experience did not deter the call of the wild.