On top of the world

Written by: Pete
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On top of the world


Taking a lift to the top of a mountain doesn’t actually put you on top of the world but it can certainly feel like it.  Once you get over 12,000’ the sky looks very dark blue and oxygen is in short supply.

The breath taking panoramas and views so far you can actually see the curvature of the earth can bring strong emotions.  Maybe peace, maybe gladness, maybe the feeling of being very small.   For many the mountains are a spiritual place of meditation and reflection. 

 Whatever emotion stirs within you embrace the moment and enjoy just being there.  For me it’s a wonderful feeling being able to look over the vastness laid out before me.  Sometimes I like to take a couple of deep, cold breaths of air and just soak in the moment of being around such majesty.  I’ll often drift back to times before maybe looking over the same vistas in times past, maybe by myself, maybe with friends and loved ones.  The memories we generate on the slopes; the simple privilege of being there can last for years, maybe even a lifetime.

I savor these quiet and peaceful moments on the mountain as I never know when I will be back or where the next exquisite view will take my breath away.  What I do know is that those memories can’t be taken back.