Man that's Fast!

Written by: Pete
Category: Mountain Skills
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Man that's   F A S T !!


Perception has much to play in our sport.  Whether you ski or board perception exacts its force the same way.  As a bare beginner that green slope seemed quite steep and the pedestrian pace I was taking those snowplow turns seemed excessive.  Fast forward a couple of years and I’m avoiding those same green runs like the plague because they’ll be wasting both my time and energy.

Two factors affect our perception of both slope and speed: they are our skill and confidence.  Excessive confidence can take mediocre skills down tough terrain, whilst a lack of confidence needs a huge increase in skill to conquer the same slope.

Many years ago my best friend John and I were skiing.  It was spring and those fresh looking stashes of snow off the side of the slope were too tempting.  In I went at speed.  As I contacted the “fresh” my skis stopped dead.  I however kept on at the same speed – like superman head first into the ground.  The crunching sounds of neck bones being violently re-arranged is the most vivid memory, coupled as a close second the sounds of hysterical laughter as John saw me disappear beneath a plume of concrete textured snow.  I might have told him to knock it off if I could breathe, but alas that too seemed to be out of my grasp!

 Beautiful looking Cascade snowfall (known locally as cement!)


My confidence in tatters John was left skiing the next two hours with something that did not resemble a skier.  To this day chiropractors still feel my neck and ask how I can stand the pain.  Luckily it doesn’t hurt often but leaves them scratching their heads as to why.  Youth and good fortune appeared to be on my side that day.  These days I would probably not be so lucky!!