Another season of memories

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2015/2016 has been and gone


 I have skied a lot of days over a lot of years and each year leaves its mark.  We tend to remember events more vividly when certain memories stand out.  Maybe something exciting, painful, happy.  Most of us remember our wedding day, the births of children.  Maybe you are old enough to remember where you were when JFK was assassinated or when the Challenger space shuttle exploded shortly after take-off (I was sitting on my parents couch in the living room along with probably millions of other kids worldwide).


January 28, 1986 - Cape Canaveral, FL


For me since the very first day I strapped unwieldy long fiberglass planks onto the most uncomfortable idea for footwear known to man skiing has evoked great emotion.  The breathtaking vistas, the raw untamed wilderness or just the pure silence of being in the trees, in deep powder - the heavy snow and forest deadening the sounds from outside.  On the opposite extreme of the emotion spectrum is the feeling of flying down the mountain, on the edge, feeling 200mph (although more realistically 50mph).  

Some of these memories each year stand out more than the previous as more outstanding.  For me a memory that stands out already is my youngest daughter Lillian asking to ski the expert chutes at Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  Lils is effervescent and outgoing and those who know her would not think she would be nervous about anything.  The inside truth is that Lils gets scared quite easily, especially skiing; so for her to ask to attack her first double black diamond was a huge step.  I have skied with and taught a huge variety of people over the years, and i've seen some real wrecks where people have ended up out of their depth and was cautious that this would be one of those occasions.  My gut said she could handle it so we went with it and she did great!!  No tears, no crashes, just smiles and piles of confidence - Job Done!!

This one is a memory to put back there in the back of my mind.